Beveling Machine ASO 850


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    The sturdy and easy chamfering machine is designed for deburring and edge cutting of big workpieces from 2 mm thickness. Thanks to the optimised interplay of cutter head and cutting inserts, the machine ensures clatter-free, clean and constant chamfering up to 3 mm× 45° in a section.

Field of Application

  • For visually beautiful 45° chamfers
  • Universal for robust continuous operation

  • The chamfering machine and edge bevelling machine ASO 850-K is a combi-machine, suitable for two different labour processes by a simple conversion, on one hand by a V-Prism, on the other hand by a big table plate. You can make chamfers as polished with the chamfering machine and edge beveling machine ASO 850-K for contours. With the stepless speed control you can always set the correct speed of the cutter depending on the material.


  • Mobile undercarriage
  • Automatic feed
  • Corundum or CBN grinding disk for hardened workpieces
  • Variable speed control 0 – 10,000 rpm


  • Chamfer adjustment via micrometer button
  • Effortless chamfering due to low cutting pressure
  • Sturdy cast iron construction with swarf drawer
  • Wear-resistant, hardened and ground guide rails
  • Wide variety of different cutting inserts for various materials

  • The contour set with a large table and an insert cutter with a roller bearing chamfers clean bevels on workpieces in various sizes and forms. The quick change of the inserts presents the high productivity of the beveling machine ASO 850-K, special for the contours.

Scope of Delivery

  • Allen key 4 and 8 mm
  • Plane cutter head with cutting inserts
  • Operating instructions

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