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Deburring | Chamfering

Mobile Machines

Chamfering Machine ASO 310 with workpiece

ASO 300 | ASO 310 Chamfering Machine, pneumatic

The pneumatic, handheld Chamfering Machine is an ideal solution for deburring straight edges and contours. Due to its lightweight and ergonomic structural shape, it exhibits easy handling and operation.

Chamfering Machine ASO 312 with workpiece

ASO 312 | ASO 313 Chamfering Machine, handheld

The compact and robust, handheld Chamfering Machines are particularly suitable for chamfering flat workpieces. Stable, screwed cutting inserts guarantee long useful life.

Chamfering Machine, Deburring Machine ASO 750

ASO 750 | ASO 760 - 2 Chamfering Machine, handheld

The compact and robust handheld Chamfering machines are particularly suitable for preparing weld seams of large workpieces, also with milling angles and shear rates. Simple handling of the machines ensures optimal selection of weld seam preparation at ...

Chamfering Machine SMA 20-P

SMA 20-P | SMA 30-P Chamfering Machine, handheld, pneumatic

The pneumatic, handheld Chamfering Machine is the ideal solution for deburring internal and external edges and contours as well as bores. The ergonomic handle grip – in combination with the shock-absorbing cutter head – enable a stable, safe and ...

Pneumatic Grinder 101-E

AG 360 | AG 460 | GDS 009 |101-E Pneumatic Grinder

The lightweight and handy air grinders are ideal for both the rough and the fine use. Confined spaces and every 3D-shapes can be processed using various grinding pencils and burrs.

Chamfering Machine SMA 50-E

SMA 40-E | SMA 50-E Chamfering Machine , handheld, electric

Apart from the rapid chamfer retooling system for efficient and economic use, the Chamfering Machine has also a spring technology for flat internal and external edges, contours and bores for vibration-free operation, thus ensuring a longer tool life.

Chamfering Machine SMA 40-P

SMA 40-P Chamfering Machine, handheld, pneumatic

For longer periods of use, the robust compressed air motor is recommendable. Also its own weight makes the SMA 40-P more user-friendly. Furthermore, the compressed air motor is less sensitive and more durable than the electric motor.

ASO 760-3 Chamfering Machine, handheld, electric

The compact handheld Chamfering Machine is particularly suitable for weld seam preparation of large workpieces. The new, 3-row cutter head with screwed cutting inserts ensures clean and constantly equal chamfers.

SMA 20-E | SMA 30-EFR24 Chamfering Machine, handheld, electric

The electric, handheld Chamfering Machine is an ideal solution for deburring edges and contours. Its ergonomic handle grip (two-hand operation) enables stable and safe deburring.

Electric grinders MT Profi

MT Profi | MT 6 | MT W Electric Grinder

The handy and powerful electric grinders are optimally suited for individual applications for deburring, cutting, grinding and polishing. Confined spaces and every 3D-shapes can be processed using various grinding pencils and burrs.

DHB 330

DHB 330 | DHB 520 Pneumatic Hand Belt Grinder

The pneumatic hand belt grinder machines are used for the surface-, contour- and shape cut. The 360° swivelling grinding arm makes an individual adjustment for the working situation possible. The grinding belt is clamped over the automatic grinding jig.

Mobile and Stationary Machines

Chamfering Machine ASO 900 | ASO 900 Plus

ASO 900 | ASO 900 Plus Chamfering Machine, selfpropelling

Chamfering long and widespread workpieces at angles from 15° – 60° is carried out by the chamfering machine easily. This machine is very strainable and has shown its strength for each material.

Chamfering Machine KBM18

KBM 18 Chamfering Machine

The automatic weld chamfering machine for rough shearing of edges by means of a cutting wheel is ideal for stationary and portable use in weld seam preparation. It enables fast, noiseless and low-dust operations.

Chamfering Machine ASO 910

ASO 910 Chamfering Machine, selfpropelling

Recess chamfering or the removal of cladding is mastered excellently by the automatic Chamfering Machine ASO 910. Thanks to its robust version, the machine achieves a chamfer width of up to 50 mm and a chamfer depth of up to 15 mm. The machine is unique ...

Chamfering Machine Quicker

Quicker | Maxiquicker Chamfering Machine

The automatic weld-chamfering machine Quicker | Maxiquicker are designed for the stationary and portable use in weld seam preparation. A cutting wheel shears off the edge in a low-noise and dust-free way, leaving a rough chamfer.

Chamfering Machine ASO 920

ASO 920 Chamfering Machine, selfpropelling

The largest welding chamfers - in tulip shape - can be cut efficiently with the ASO 920. This automatic chamfering machine convinces in this league of performance.

Chamfering Machine ASO 930

ASO 930 Chamfering Machine, selfpropelling

With the ASO 930 milling the front- and bottom side on the workpiece is now possible. The turning of the workpiece is no longer necessary.

Stationary Machines

Beveling Machine ASO 850 for Contours

ASO 850 Beveling Machine

The sturdy and easy chamfering machine is designed for deburring and edge cutting of big workpieces from 2 mm thickness. Thanks to the optimised interplay of cutter head and cutting inserts, the machine ensures clatter-free, clean and constant chamfering ...

Beveling Machine FS 5 with V-Prism

FS 5 Beveling Machine with V-Prism

The FS 5 is a sturdy and extremely cost-effective chamfering machine with cutter head. Straight edges of cube-shaped workpieces can be easily chamfered.

Beveling Machine AF 165 with Sanding Disc

AF 165 Beveling Machine with Sanding Disc

Its special area includes the removal of saw burrs and roughing burrs so that workpieces can be further processed and are safe to use. Fast, cost efficient edge grinding is achieved by durable flap disks, CBN- or diamond grinding wheels.

Beveling Machine Speedy Prism with Sliding Carriage

Speedy Prism 210 Beveling Machine with Sliding Carriage

This deburring machine is an easy, sturdy table machine with a prismatic sliding carriage for efficient and precise processing of longitudinal edges and small workpieces.

Beveling Machine ASO 600-A for Contours

ASO 600-A Beveling Machine for Contours

The small and compact machine chamfers or rounds edges precisely, safely and with ease. It leaves chatter-free bevels and radii on square and round workpieces in different materials. Its universality makes the machine unique!

Beveling Machine Speedy Contour for Contours

Speedy Contour 270 | 320-E Beveling Machine for Contours

The stationary edge and contour beveling machines are perfectly suitable for deburring and chamfering internal and external edges of flat workpieces. The machines are compact and handy table devices which are ideally used also besides CNC machines.

Chamfering Machine ASO 650 with V-prism for straight edges

ASO 650 | ASO 650 - WSL Chamfering Machine for Straight Edges

Deburring and chamfering of big workpieces is an easy job. Rounding of edges in use with radius inserts is also possible. Speed control is very useful when processing aluminum or stainless steel.

Chamfering Machine ASO 160 with V-prism for straight edges

ASO 160 - S | ASO 160 - SSL Chamfering Machine with V-prism

Whether individual parts or series production, the ASO 160 - S / SSL is an indispensable assistant in all metalworking operations. You can easily process both small parts and bars. The optically polished looking chamfer surfaces represent the skill of ...

Chamfering Machine WKF 170 angle adjustable

WKF 170 Chamfering Machine angle adjustable

The perfect machine for chamfering small to mid-size workpieces and bar material. Thanks to its angle adjustment from 15° – 60°, it is mainly used for weld seam preparation.

Sheet Deburring Machine BKE 550

BKE 550 Sheet Deburring Machine

The compact plate Deburring Machine is suitable for deburring of straight plate edges.

Power Engine Starmax UA 5

UA 5 Power Engine

Whether grinding, polishing, brushing or deburring - the universal drive engine Starmax UA 5 is used in all materials. A wide variety of tools makes the machine very flexible and indispensable in your production.

Chamfering Machine KKF3 for contours

KKF 3 Chamfering Machine for Contours

It is our most powerful chamfering machine for edges and contours, having the biggest supporting table. Its sturdy insert milling cutters are ideally suitable for processing larger and heavier workpieces.

Beveling Machine KKE 1 for Contours

KKE 1 | KKE 2 Beveling Machine for Contours

Straight edges, bores, long holes, grooves are chamfered precisely, fast and easily. V-prism attachment for the processing of straight edges rounds off the whole package. They are a big help for a small price.

Chamfering machine for big and small contours

KKF 4 | KKF 4-SL Chamfering Machine for Contours

The spindle bearings mounted under pre-stress lend high-precision concentricity to the KKF 4. It can be used both full hard metal-form cutters and insert milling cutters, by means of which an excellent useful life is achieved.

Chamfer grinding machine KSM 130

KSM 125 | KSM 130 Chamfer Grinding Machine for Straight Edges

Suitable for precise deburring and chamfering of straight edges at soft and hard workpieces. It is available with wet-grinding or dust extraction device.

Chamfering machine ASO 160-M with undercarriage

ASO 160-M | ASO 160-MSL Chamfering Machine with V-Prism

The chamfering of thin sheets, solid material or tubular profiles is not a problem for the machine. Whether small parts or bars, a constantly high surface quality is chamfered. This makes it an indispensable assistant in all metalworking individual parts, ...

MMB 400 Chamfering Machine angle adjustable

MMB 400 | MMB 500 | MMB 600 Chamfering Machine angle adjustable

The machine shows as well a high abrading power as a high chamfer quality. It is mainly used for welding bevels up to 30° – 60°, but also for optical bevels on straight edges, end of tubes and round steel plates.

Wet Vibration Deburring

Stone Vibration Deburring and Slide Grinding Machines Trovi 8 / 16

TROVI 8 | TROVI 16 Stone Vibration Deburring Machine

The compact machines TROVI 8 | TROVI 16, working according to the skidgrinding method, enable deburring, rounding and polishing of small to medium-sized parts. The polishing media or additives are selected depending on the relevant processing ...

Stone Vibration Deburring and Slide Grinding Machine TROVI 95

TROVI 95 Stone Vibration Deburring and Slide Grinding Machine

As large as a washing machine, the stone vibration deburring machine has a storage capacity of 95 l, representing a popular compromise between big industrial

Drill grinding

Spiral Drill Grinding Machine S-3-50

Spiral Drill Grinding Machine S-3-50

Drill grinder EDG 213N

EDG 213 | EDG 1226 Drill grinder

The handy drill grinders are ideal for grinding HSS- and HM-spiral drills. Due to the adjustable point angles from 90° to 140°, this model can be universally used. Easy handling and their efficiency make these machines a real winner in the field of ...

Electrode Grinding

Electrode Grinding Machine Neutrix

Neutrix Electrode Grinding Machine

The Neutrix is a small, light-weight and thus portable grinding machine which is able to centrically grind in longitudinal direction, providing reproducible quality cuts of tungsten electrodes. A stand can be mounted for use in the workshop.

Hand deburrer


Mango II | Universalhandgriff A | GLO-BURR Handentgrater

The high quality hand deburrers are a favourite and wanted compact tool for the daily manual use. You can debur drillings, slots and edges. Varied blades for diff erent works are available. Rotatable blades adapt to the contour of the workpiece.

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